The Immigrant’s Lawyer

The Immigrant’s Lawyer is part of the project Global Law Firm, which aims to decentralize the typical and classic law firm and bringing it closer to its users.

With this in mind, and through the concept of The Immigrant’s Lawyer, this firm aims to provide legal advice to portuguese citizens and their descendants, providing assistance and advice as well as legal assistance, legal representation and power of attorney in Portugal, ensuring a greater closeness between lawyer and client and increasing the trust of the client, combined with constant updating and monitoring by the client on the issues that are being handled by their lawyer in Portugal.

This concept aims to shorten the distance, by bringing the lawyer closer to those who need them the most – our immigrants. We help them to have an active voice and to exercise their rights, safeguarding their interests without having to be physically present. This helps to put an end to the exclusion and prejudice that they often face, boosting and triggering proceedings (e.g. property settlement, divorce, claims, legalization of marital status in Portugal, recognition and transcription of foreign judgments) that are frequently postponed due to the distance or carried out by default of appearance and often result in misfortune.

It also enables the easy representation and advice in future businesses and investments that one wishes to undertake in Portugal taking the most of each act.

This will be possible through this new concept that was developed in this Law Firm, where the lawyer deals directly with the Portuguese citizen by phone, letter or email and whenever it is deemed necessary the lawyer travels to the country where the client lives.

This service is being developed in the four continents where there are portuguese immigrants and where protocols have already been signed with immigrant’s associations.

For further information regarding this project visit our website

For further information regarding this project visit our website