Defense of Rights against the Tax Authority, particularly in cases of reverse charge and legal representation

Another innovation of Castilho International Law Firm is the fiscal support provided to the portuguese citizens abroad. In fact, there are many times when the portuguese citizen is working abroad, paying their taxes and carrying out regular discounts for social security in their country of residence, but in Portugal one witnesses the so called “double taxation” where the taxpayer also has to pay taxes on the same or other income.

Frequently, this tax is often performed incorrectly, sometimes due to a bad implementation of agreements, if any, celebrated between Portugal and other countries. This results in losses to the Portuguese emigrant who, by virtue of automatic taxation by the Ministry of Finance, see their assets (houses, land, cars, bank account balances) confiscated.

It is precisely to defend the Portuguese citizen from these situations, whether they are immigrants or not, that the service “tax support” was created. It aims, via the existing means used to defend the taxpayers, to assist citizens in their relationship with the tax authorities, thus avoiding the violation of their rights and consequent losses.

Our “Tax support” services include:

  • Tax inspection: Procedures to defend the taxpayer during an inspection and measures that are deemed necessary in the event of an unfavorable outcome;
  • Tax complaints: Means to defend the taxpayer – interlocutory appeals claim, administrative claims, administrative appeal, request for revision of tax base, judicial appeal, documents and deadlines to me met in the complaint process;
  • Tax offences: Defend the taxpayer in administrative proceedings of tax misdemeanor and customs misdemeanor – deadlines, review of fines and penalties;
  • Tax enforcement: Measures to be taken by the taxpayer – when an administrative claim, judicial claim or appeal is pending – considering the suspension or reversal of the execution process.