Pre-Judicial & Judicial

Castilho International Law Firm has an experienced team dedicated strictly to pre-judicial and judicial cases, both national and international companies, as well as private individuals. Our team of lawyers follows the client from the counseling stage, in which he represents the client in the mediation and conciliation procedures, in the national and international domestic arbitration processes, also engaging in pre-litigation counseling, analyzing all the risks of process to the judicial phase.

Our specialists guide the client in criminal proceedings from the investigation phase to the trial and possible appeal, in the same way as he does in cases of breach of contract. Here, monitoring is carried out from the administrative stage to the judicial stage, particularly in the area of ​​tax and economic-financial offenses, such as those associated with corruption, money laundering, market protection and competition.

Finally, Castilho and its team provides support in the area of ​​commercial and corporate litigation, by means of challenges or other requests for suspension of deliberations.


  • Civil and Real Law;
  • Family and Minors Law;
  • Succession Law;
  • Guidance and representation on issues related to adoption;
  • Consultancy and representation in processes of separation, divorce, regulation of parental power and food;
  • Consultancy and representation in post-death procedures;
  • Intervention in inventory processes;
  • Consulting and representation in actions of simple separation of assets, special files, etc .;
  • Orientation and representation in heir and share authorizations;
  • Counseling in wills;
  • Treatment of all aspects of international succession;
  • Advice and representation in real estate purchase and sale business, as well as other matters related to ownership and ownership;
  • Execution of deeds and registrations in the respective conservatories;
  • Elaboration, negotiation and analysis of contracts in general;
  • Treatment of issues related to urban, housing and non-housing leasing, etc .;
  • Eviction, possessory actions, actions of division of common thing, etc.;
  • Labor Law – Actions for Claiming Salary credits, Dismissals, Labor contracts;
  • Criminal and administrative law;