Credit Recovery

National Credit Recovery

The current economic situation highlighted the difficulties in credit recovery and led to a growth in failure to pay debts, in which companies and individuals are increasingly seeking legal assistance to address these issues.

Thus, in order to respond to this issue, Castilho International Law Firm created a specific area for Credit Recovery. The lawyers and execution solicitors that make up this team are prepared to provide judicial and extrajudicial services, keeping track of the processes since the preventive stage until its proceedings, and since the declarative stage to the implementation phase with the seizure of property.

In order to offer a unique and personalized service, depending on the nature of the claim and all its features, our lawyers start working after careful consideration of the claim so as to achieve an agreement with the debtors, before starting the litigation stage. In this sense they try to establish agreements and payment deadlines, warranties and penal clauses, always seeking the best alternatives to achieve payment, also trying to identify real or personal guarantees of the debtors in order to safeguard the negotiation or renegotiation process of the clients’ credits.

We also offer the possibility to carry out an analysis of the debtor’s financial and judicial situation so as to define the best strategy to achieve the recovery of credits.

As we consider that we must do everything within our power to recover your credit, thus resorting to all possible means and mechanisms, our commercial law and civil liability department files civil liability actions against administrators and managers, which are increasingly important in the portuguese legal system, due to breach of loyalty and diligence in the management of the company which led to losses of the creditors’ credits for lack of assets in the society to cover the debts.

The Credit Recovery Department works alongside with our recovery and insolvency lawyers closely, following the several stages of the insolvency processes in their many dimensions and typology. Following the creditors’ perspective, we defend their most basic legal rights and come up with the best way to recover their credits.

International Credit Recovery

Castilho International Law Firm has a team of jurists and lawyers with proven experience whose action in the international market is based on agreements and partnerships with several international law firms specialized in the management of legal proceedings for the international credit recovery, offering a complete and documented legal service (with remote access by our client in order to monitor and track the progress of all ongoing processes) as the client’s representative in the scope of the entire litigation process of debt collection.

Our extensive experience in legal matters, particularly in credit recovery, allows us to work alongside with our employees abroad to prepare an effective strategy. We activate the competent legal procedures more quickly, enabling a reduction in terms of receipt deadlines and a maximization of the successful recovery of debt. We mobilize all legal means to discover and seize the debtor’s assets, to ensure payment of the debt before all assets are disposed of, enabling portuguese creditors to receive their debt abroad as they would in Portugal, always keeping track of the status of the case.

The services that we offer intend to be an agile instrument that allows one to ascertain from the first moment the status of the debt, of the possible debtor’s insolvency process, the reality of a possible claim and the proper procedures, elements which, although they take place abroad, one can have access to with certainty and security, keeping track of all the steps taken in the process.